Colour display suddenly turned two tone

  compumac 19:35 07 Jan 2018

Suddenly my display is now two tone (Black and white). Upon starting up it shows colour but when reaching desktop only two tone is showing. Intel HD Graphics 4600.

Where do I go from here?

  compumac 19:46 07 Jan 2018

Updated the drivers but still two tone.

  wee eddie 20:07 07 Jan 2018

Right Click the Desktop and run through the Display Options

  compumac 20:15 07 Jan 2018

I had done that and just realised that Display under settings is greyed out.

But upon start up before Windows 10 completely loads all colours are seen.

  wee eddie 20:27 07 Jan 2018

Try getting to Display Settings via the Start Menu.

Worth a try

  compumac 20:33 07 Jan 2018

Sorry, when I said display was greyed out I was already in the display option. Grey cells and all that.

But could not identify any options to return to colour.

  wee eddie 20:54 07 Jan 2018

Is it possible to right click a photo and select it as your Desktop

  compumac 21:01 07 Jan 2018

Everything is two tone.

  wee eddie 21:11 07 Jan 2018

As the Log-in Screen is in Colour, it must be Windows thing

  wee eddie 22:03 07 Jan 2018

How about Settings > Personalisation > Colour

  Flat Earther 22:17 07 Jan 2018

try windows key + ctrl + c, together.

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