colour display on my lcd screen

  bonzai 15:00 20 Feb 2006

hello i have just bought a new pc i am using my tv as my monitor and have it on pc mode. however, the colours arent displaying right, its very hard to see red and green.

I have tried adjusting the options on the tv itself, brightness and contrast, no good. also i have tried various thing in the 'diplay' option of the control panel.

Any suggestions on how to rectify this problem?....its hurting me eyes!

Cheers, ben

  bonzai 18:25 20 Feb 2006

can anyone help?

  bonzai 22:20 20 Feb 2006


  DieSse 22:22 20 Feb 2006

Have you tred a *real* monitor?

How have you connected the PC to the TV - which connectors - what leads - how long?

  bonzai 10:54 21 Feb 2006

i dont have a monitor to try with this pc. i have the tv connected to the pc with a thick, long lead which has two pins either side of the main connection which you tighten.

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