Colour Balance On My Second Monitor

  Harper Boy 16:24 13 Jul 2013

I have a just bought a very old but serviceable Dell monitor which has a serial number but no model number on it. The only controls are 4 buttons on the front - one power, 2 labelled plus and minus, and another which calls up a menu (of sorts). However, I haven't been able to make much sense of the menu, which is clearly not designed to be used with a mouse. Sadly, I have no manual. And without a model number I can't even use the Dell website to ask questions about it - Catch 22.

The monitor is about 14", and works fine except for the colour balance. When it is on but not connected, a 'screen saver' wanders across the screen demonstrating the 3 primary colours plus white, which proves happily that it can produce accurate colours; but when I connect it to my PC (VGA), whatever appears on the screen has a marked greenish-yellow tinge, quite different from what is showing on my primary monitor. Any suggestions as to how I can find the instructions for altering the colour balance?

  Harper Boy 09:06 14 Jul 2013

You're a great detective, Laz 2! Yes, it is LCD. No, it's not exactly that model, because it is about 14" on the diagonal (12" horizontal); but the physical appearance is otherwise identical (even the shape of the stand), so I'm guessing it is a smaller version of the E173FP, which means the User Guide you suggest will almost certainly be relevant. (There may even be such a thing as the E143!).

I'm too busy to experiment for the moment (got to retrieve the monitor from the attic!) but I'll report back as soon as I've bottomed this out.

Thanks again for a rapid and helpful response.

  Harper Boy 16:31 14 Jul 2013

I have tried it now. The good news is that the instructions for the E173FP match the displays on my monitor; well done, Laz 2. The bad news is that they don't work! The range of control available by moving the RGB sliders is not enough to give me a decent colour balance - at least, I haven't found a way. I'm guessing this is just a function of the age of the monitor. But hey, it gives me a picture, and I wasn't planning to edit photos on it.

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