Colors of my pc got changed?

  JuliaPc 20:30 30 Oct 2015

I just had a gamenight, and when i installed my pc at home this happened.. How can i change it back? click here

  bumpkin 20:35 30 Oct 2015

System Restore for starters.

  wee eddie 21:55 30 Oct 2015

I don't know how you carried your PC to the Gamenight but it's possibly worth checking if any connections have come loose or any pins bent, for example, while you were reinstalling the monitor

  JuliaPc 21:21 01 Nov 2015

Sorry to not detail that much. I can't see different colors on my pc, like red, orange is more like yellow, i can see dark green, but not neon green. I can see blue and purple too. Some colors got changed into white/black. I'm sorry that I can't really describe what is going on. I noticed that my printscreen didn't work because other people can see it normal. I didn't press any buttons on the monitor. Can anyone help me? I'm kinda scared to System restore cause i never did something like that.

Sorry for bad grammar.

  wee eddie 22:55 01 Nov 2015

Your grammar is not the problem.

I think you should compose your posting off line, and when you're happy with it, Copy & Paste it into the Forum. I can't understand what you are trying to tell us

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