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Color problem in every game.

  Ionut Dumitru 13:56 08 May 2019

I bought my PC for 2 weeks and everything is perfect with an exception, if i have low brightness it looks like a moving explosion of colors, i can't explain this in words... I could change the brightness but still is not ok in dark places. And it happens when i move the camera, if i don't move anything it's ok, i took screenshots and videos and it didn't capture anything of those colors. The colors appeared in the video while the game runs.

I took a photo of my problem on a stupid phone, don't judge me: click here think it's my video card, what do you think ?


  Ionut Dumitru 14:01 08 May 2019

I didn't specified that I have Winodws 10 Intel Core i3-8100 CPU 3.60 Ghz 8 GB RAM Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4018 MB

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