Color of file folder titles has changed. Why?

  FuchsiaEast 12:59 26 Dec 2015

The color of the titles I've assigned to most files and file folders has turned from black to blue. It seems as though the really old ones have continued to be black, while newer titles have turned blue. The space is running low on my computer, and I am in the process of slowly transferring many documents from PC to my laptop to leave plenty of space to continue to use my Windows XP on my PC. Please tell me how to correct this problem. Thank you!--Fuchsia

  difarn 13:15 26 Dec 2015

Blue text usually appears on files that have been compressed. You may have done this to safe space. This explains how to remedy this if you have the space.

click here

  FuchsiaEast 11:13 27 Dec 2015

Thank you so much for that answer, difarn. I did, indeed, compress my files, but totally forgot about it because I'd never done it before. When I did a disk cleanup, it asked whether I wanted to compress those files. I was getting really nervous about the things that had been happening on my hard drive, especially since I knew I was low on disk space and was worried I'd lose everything because I've had little time to move things to my laptop. I decided to take a chance and opt for the compression.

It worked beautifully, in that I gained more space. However, not seeing any other changes at that time, I figured that was all the compression did, and assumed I could simply decompress if necessary.

I've bookmarked your reply, and as soon as I can manage the time, I plan to move more things from my PC hard drive to my laptop's, then decompress per your instructions. I imagine this is also why I've been unable to move those files around, too. Is that correct?

Also, something else just occurred to me. Will I be able to move those files to my laptop while they're compressed, or will I have to decompress them first? If the latter, I fear I may run out of space before being able to move them completely to my laptop. Is that what will happen?--Fuchsia

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:26 27 Dec 2015

they will be automatically decompressed when you access them.

they will need to be decompressed before storing elsewhere.

sounds to me you need either a second or larger HDD fitting in you machine or an external drive.. rather than trying to put them on your laptop.

  FuchsiaEast 12:33 28 Dec 2015

I am actually trying to prep my PC hard drive (300GB) so I can move everything to a much bigger hard drive (3TB) for a new PC I've acquired. Problem is that neither of my two backup drives has enough space to back up my PC anymore, so I'm putting a lot of things on DVDs and temporarily putting them on my laptop when I have to use them.

Unfortunately, I have little time right now to get this task done completely, but work at it every chance I get because I live in fear of losing access altogether. I still have nearly 100GB left, but have had many incidences that have warned me that I'm already having problems. If things go as planned, I'll have uninterrupted time in a couple of weeks to accomplish this, and am using the space left on my hard drive as infrequently and sparingly as possible.

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Fruit Bat, as well as advising me what to do. It's much appreciated. Happy New Year!--Fuchsia

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