college course for web design

  iqs 14:01 19 Dec 2009


I'm thinking about going back to college in January to study web design.
I have no idea if the course my college offers is the right type.
I have included the link for the course,and was wondering if you would offer any advice on this course,good or bad,and any books which are aimed at someone with no experience of web design.
Thank you

click here

click here

  Chris the Ancient 16:24 19 Dec 2009

From personal use of it, I could never recommend Front Page. It is far too 'clunky' and has a VERY bad habit of adding the code IT wants in the places you don't. Smart tags jumps immediately to mind. Ans as for all the extra unwanted and useless lines of code it inserts... Huh! (though I suppose it makes for some intriguing bits and pieces that might be useful for IE browsers - but that you probably don't want).

  Ansolan 18:02 19 Dec 2009


Good advice above. This is an Adult Education hobby course more than anything and probably framed by the person taking the course, rather than real world reality.

Much on their topic list is out of place, or out of order. Good web design courses may include Dreamweaver etc. but will teach you how to work without them first. Otherwise you are following a tool, not understanding it.

Little wrong with teaching yourself. You might try HTML XHTML & CSS by Elizabeth Castro. Good back up website, currently £11 on Amazon click here

This will teach more and more relevant lessons than the course you mentioned. If you want college support, you may need to find the time for a true vocational course.

  iqs 20:17 19 Dec 2009

Hi all,

And many thanks for the advice and link,will purchase the book recommended then consider what is the better option for me,once I have gained some basic knowledge.

  louise90 14:55 19 Jan 2010

I'm doing a course at Stevenson College in Interactive Media and we use all the industry standard software and learn some scripting using javascript and css. They have a course starting in January - not sure what your location is though!!!

  quack 16:22 27 Feb 2010

I also went to college to learn Web Design. The college offered City & Guilds courses. I found them useful and informative but I don't think I can class myself as a web designer without going a bit further with courses. However, at the age of 72years I am not inclined to spend yet more money to achieve qualifications and skills that will be only for my own satisfaction.

  ethelbert 17:08 02 Mar 2010

I did a college course too and came away disappointed but I still got a certificate that told me I was now an Advanced Web designer! Huh! They also taught Frontpage supposedly but we learnt some Dreamweaver,and as beginners we seemed to be in like the 2nd year!!
I was aged about 65 then and I determined to find out another way. Looked at Rootsweb where they have a Mailing List for Freehelp. On there I soon found that there were groups on Yahoo as well, so joined them all, and now I can say that I feel more confident and am building webpages for friends now. I use Expression Web3 which is very powerful. Cheaper on MS site than on Amazon back a few weeks ago. There is now an Expression Web Mailing List and someone called Pat Geary who is wonderfully patient and helpful. I took two online classes where she was one of the Tutors.
Go for it, it is really great. Cheryl Wise too has excellent videos in how to use EW2 and 3.
Sorry cannot give URL's as I am here waiting for a response for a mail that will heopfully tell me how to get my computer back again!!
Don't give up on learning web design, follow me! ;-))
Ethel now aged 76

  iqs 18:09 02 Mar 2010


Thank you for all the replies.

I paid a visit to my local college,had a chat about the course.The lecturer was very open and honest,and advised me the course was not what I was looking for.
So I have put the idea of doing web design on hold for a while.

Will still keep an eye on various media sources ,just in-case the right course comes along.

Once again many thanks for all your help.


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