Collecting Yahoo Mail in your regular mail client.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:14 16 Mar 2004

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YahooPops can be used to collect Yahoo mail in your usual email program; it is free and very efficient. I hae used it for a year or so and while it is now only on version 0.5, it is stable and reliable.

Worth a look if you use Yahoo mail.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:30 16 Mar 2004

leo49 - I was under the impression that this was no longer supported by Yahoo. Does Yahoo provide details of POP3 servers or how do you go about it? I don't use OE but would expect that all pop3 compatible mail clients would work in a similar way.

Can you please give some step by step guidelines, or point to where I can find these? Thank you.

  powerless 20:31 16 Mar 2004

I think RECENT Yahoo registers cannot get access to your email for already said reasons which have been mentioned on this forum many times before.

This software "gets around it" = Paying to access email from a client.

If you already have access to your yahoo email then the said software does not apply to you.

I deleted a yahoo account, created in 1998 I think and could acess my yahoo mail from OE with ease.

Now with a new name i can no longer access yahoo on OE and when you try to access your mail you get an email from yahoo saying "Subscribe".

No worries - As yahoo is my spam collectors email account!

  Diodorus Siculus 20:52 16 Mar 2004

Thanks Powerless; that makes sense.

leo49; still can't work out your method. It would suggest that there is a pop3 / smtp engine for Yahoo on your local machine.

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