ColdFusion. What is this?

  bristolgirl 13:23 11 Nov 2004

When I try and submit an answer to a question on the GMTV site. I get, "Error Occurred While Processing Request"

Further on it tells me to, "Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are using the correct syntax."

What on eaarth is this? It doesn't happen on any other site I use.

  BH34 13:30 11 Nov 2004

Have a look at this bristolgirl
click here

  bristolgirl 13:48 11 Nov 2004

Thanks but I still don't know what it is or why I'm getting it. Surely it is a problem with the GMTV site. Or is it a prbolem with my computer?

  Stuartli 13:50 11 Nov 2004

Further to BH34's link, the FAQs include:

What is ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)?

ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) is the tag-based server-scripting language for rapid web development. Processed entirely on the server, CFML is easy to learn, yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding web-application logic. CFML uses a syntax that closely resembles HTML and XML, so it is ideally suited to programming applications that use these markup languages. For new developers, tag-based CFML syntax makes complex programming easy. Advanced developers can easily extend and customize CFML through custom tags, reusable components, and user-defined functions, as well as take advantage of structured exception handling and integration with Java, C, C++, COM, CORBA, and EJB.

Sounds as though you need to reinstall or update Macromedia Flash, Java or similar you may have on your system.

  bristolgirl 13:58 11 Nov 2004

Thanks Stuartli !!
That's a really good explination. How do I find out what I need to reinstall or update.

  Stuartli 14:07 11 Nov 2004

Flash from click here and Java from click here - both free.

Flash is about 490kb and Java somewhat larger.

  bristolgirl 14:18 11 Nov 2004

Thanks Stuartli

I will have a look at this later. Hopefully it will cure the problem!

  dez fowler 20:29 11 Nov 2004

The site is probably just badly written, it's unlikely to be a problem at your end

  bristolgirl 17:39 12 Nov 2004

Thank you dez. I thought it must be a problem with their web site rather than my computer.

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