Cold Fusion - form to upload file?

  Sir Radfordin 14:58 01 Nov 2004

Is there a way that a page can be created to run on a Cold Fusion server to allow people to save a file to a directory on another server?

The reason for this is that users need to be able to save presentations to one folder on the network to be accessed by any other PC. Most of them wouldn't just be able to save it directly to that folder!

  Taran 01:47 02 Nov 2004

Can you give more detail at all, withotu compromising security ?

Are we talking intranet environment on Windows IIS with ColdFusion added into the mix ?

Are the servers on the same hardware LAN or part of a WAN ?

What level of access do you have and, crucially, how far along with ColdFusion are you ?

I'm sure you are familiar enough with the relevant information to know what I'm looking for here.

Just to bounce a simplified concept around, what about supplying a link to a page which has a simple upload feature built in that targets the necesary directory ?

There are a number of possible methods that come to mind to help you get over your cross-server issue. Most of them rely to one extent or another on network permissions or acces rights and you could do anything from write a script to copy the uploaded files from their original directory to the desired directory on the other server or you could, well, hang on a bit. Before I go off on one about what you could do, let's try to work withinn the parameters you have available.

I'm on and off line quite a bit at the moment (very, very busy) but if you drop a bit more detail into the mix I'll see what I can come up with for you, provided you aren't up against the clock yourself, in which case someone else will have to step in.


  Sir Radfordin 10:00 02 Nov 2004

Ok, its a bit of a complicated set up!

We have Cold Fusion MX 6.1 running on a Windows 2000 server using Apache Web Server.

The web server is sitting in the DMZ but only accessible internally. The main purpose of the server is to run the Intranet - using some software called Intranet Connections (click here)

We need to have something in place where users who can upload a powerpoint file using a web form that can then be 'saved' to a folder which will be accessible from the presentation PCs that are used around the building. Asking them to save directly to that folder (on a server outside the DMZ - Windows NT file server) is beyond most of them!

I have all the permissions I need both on the Cold Fusion server and accross the network.

Your suggestion of a simple upload page that targets the right folder would be fine - just can't get my head around what to do! The uploaded file does not need to become part of the Intranet in anyway.

  Taran 14:23 02 Nov 2004

Why not just write an upload script to a secure directory on one server and mirror that folders contents onto the other ?

There are a few ways around this and if you want to cut down on network traffic your upload gets far more complex, while a simple upload combined with directory mirroring would effectivel reduce coding to a bare minimum and would also sidestep many of the security issues you would otherwise face.

If you don't know CFML then you could try one of the many ready made scripts available online: click here click here click here

The Macromedia site hs tons of useful help: click here

There are some other good resource sites click here click here click here

I've only ever played briefly with Intranet Connections and that was some time ago but, if memory serves, there is a file upload function that can be activated for users on a selective basis and you could either use it as is (if suitable) or adapt it to suit.

Since you're running Apache you could also leverage PHP heavily in your favour, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for file uploads and file management. There would be nothing stopping you from using one of the many PHP file upload/management scripts in an iframe on one of your existing pages and managing the file(s) that way. There are loads of very powerful and easy to configure PHP file upload/management scripts.

Without access to your network and its underlying software it is difficult to say, "just do this" and offer a solution. There may be something very easy staring you in the face for all I know.

Managing the file upload is pretty easy, especially if you look at some of the above links, so if you can sort that side of it out there is nothing stopping you from simply mirroring the contents of one directory on one server to the other and refreshing it at regular (hourly) intervals.

Perhaps that could work ?

  Taran 14:26 02 Nov 2004

Sorry for all the typos.

As I said initially, I'm very busy at present and I'm thrasing away at the keyboard like a lunatic here ;o)

  Taran 13:20 03 Nov 2004

I should really have pointed out from the outset that a good file management or upload script would store the file itself (depending on type) or a filepath name to the file in a database, which effectively makes displaying uploaded files a simple matter of querying the database to see what is in it.

A bit of lateral thinking is all that is needed here I would suspect.

  Sir Radfordin 16:10 03 Nov 2004

Cheers for all trying to get my head around it! Will keep you posted...

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