Colbalt Server Applications

  tbh72 18:52 30 Dec 2003

I have very little understanding about what this is, but I feel Sun's discontinuing the product will cause some alarm......

What's it all about & Why do we need it?

Public Source Code is available here

click here

Try not too be too technical with your answers!!!

  Forum Editor 20:47 30 Dec 2003

OK, here are non-technical answers to your questions:-

It's all about a type of Linux based server that's easy to set up because pretty well everything you needed is right there inside, already configured and ready to run. These servers appealed to web hosting companies because they were so easy to set up and maintain. They were also an attractive proposition for small companies which needed a server but didn't have a dedicated IT team.

Sun Microsystems have discontinued their Cobalt servers - their new range is called 'Sunfire' and offers some advantages over the Cobalt servers. Cobalt continues to have a dedicated band of followers, partly because they are so easy to handle, and (I suspect) partly because they look so good with their blue cases and funky green LCD panels.

Why do you ask?

  tbh72 21:07 30 Dec 2003

There are two main reasons why I asked.

Firstly, there has been increasing coverage about the withdrawl of Colbalt.

Secondly, I have been aware that one of the companies I have a hosting account with have / do use Colbalt.

You are probably aware that I have been using KFWS "Keyfocus Web Server" and I was just trying to get an understanding of what a colbalt application was.

Thankyou for your simplistic straight forward answer. Just to clarify, the link I posted which allows the download of source code for Cobalt is of little use to the average user and should simply be ignored of further investigation?

  Taran 21:48 30 Dec 2003

I like the Cobalt Qube servers and have used them quite a bit in the past.

They are drop dead easy to install and use - you set up most of your parameters from an easy to use web interface and they are so efficient you can get them to do all kinds of tasks that you'd often need more than one server to perform.

I shouldn't worry too much if your web host uses one or more of the products set for end of life. Web host hardware has a finite life expectancy as it is, and the software they run will be updated and tweaked as required. Many larger hosts run their own version software to begin with.

Like all other aspects of IT it all falls down to progress. As a web account holder you have nothing to be concerned about. Your host will deal with any headaches involved with upgrading hadware or software and this is one of the luxuries of having such an account. In fact, it's just one of the reasons why I use dedicated servers run by web hosts.

They have the headaches and I just use them for my sites.

Worth every penny...

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