coincidence or spyware

  castiel333 09:53 07 Feb 2006

Yesterday evening I downloaded three programmes from major geeks. One was a password retreiver the other two were diagnostic tools. Two of which I opened. When I turned on my pc this morning avg found a trojan. After that I scanned with spycatcher which named the password programme as spyware and one of the diagnostic tools as a suspicious file. Ive always trusted major geeks now Im not sure. Im running xp, have good security programmes (all recommended on this forum) and only ever download anything from reputable sites mentioned on this forum so I dont know how this happened but I really like major geeks and dont want to stop using them. Were those events related or just a coincidence?

  spuds 10:10 07 Feb 2006

Major Geeks is usually very reliable and safe site. If you are concerned that the site is infected, then drop them an email.They will only to pleased to act on information received.

Try a quick malaware check click here

  brigtoo 10:23 07 Feb 2006

i used spycatcher briefly and it reported found spyware etc. which no other search could find. so i came to the conclusion it was using these "finds" as a sales tool, it was removed. in my relatively short experience ive found that there are better programmes available.

  castiel333 10:30 07 Feb 2006

Thank you for your replies I will do that spuds and I dont think I will bother with spycatcher then brigtoo I have heard that some spyware programmes do this.

  keewaa 10:53 07 Feb 2006

If you think about it these programs are close to Trojans anyway, although maybe legitimate. Something that retrieves passwords - so you can understand why some scanners might detect them in this way. Most scanners do advise you that they may come up with false positives, and to "know what you are deleting".

  Mytob 12:45 07 Feb 2006

i would watch out for freeware progs as iv found that a fair few of them con with spyware and adware bundled with them. if you can get a opensource version as they are still free but they never come with any such programs as the code is available for anyone to view and audit. myself i have not had any problems with major jeeks but i admit i dont use them that often.

  castiel333 18:30 07 Feb 2006

Thank you everyone for your replies. I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon when my mum switched on her pc exactly the same thing happened and as the only thing they have in common is that Ive just installed spycatcher in both from click here this must have been where the trojan came from especially as it had the same name and was found in the same place on both computers so bearing in mind your replies Im now confident about using majorgeeks again in fact I probably shouldnt have doubted them in the first place. Thanks again.

  Skyver 18:32 07 Feb 2006

Hyper-mutating..thats a new one..

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