coffee damaged laptop

  danielgent 11:36 19 Nov 2009

got a laptop here thats had coffee spilt on it. Its an e system 1412 with a funny design where the motherboard is kind of held upside down (the bottom comes off first rather than the plastic around the keyboard) which means miraculously its hardly damaged EXCEPT the keyboard and the LCD.
LCD - the bottom right is wierd looking hard to explain. transparentish in bit like theres water on it. you can still see whats on the screen but its a bit see through looking. tried cleaning it, assumin i have to buy a new one.

keyboard - this is wierd. it all works fine EXCEPT where the alternate numpad is. The letters U I and O should be 4 5 and 6 when the FN button is pressed except it works the other way round.....the woman who's laptop said this happened only after the coffee so I'm guessing its not a software problem?
is it possible to clean it? most broken keyboards i've seen have whole rows not working. strange. the keyboards are quite expensive though to replace, £20 is the cheapest I've found.

gonna order the parts soon as some pro's can confirm i'm right :^)

thanks in advance,
Dan Gent

  sunnystaines 11:39 19 Nov 2009

get a nice new one on home insurance

  Woolwell 12:14 19 Nov 2009

Had an e system that had wine spilt on it. New keyboard kept it going.

  danielgent 13:23 19 Nov 2009

interestingly enough sunnystaines, this one was given to me by a woman who was trying to claim on home insurance. but, apart from the £50 excess, the insurance company need a note from a techie saying its not worth fixing. Broken screen and keyboard don't really constitute not worth fixing!

to Woolwell: seems like these laptops, much as a nightmare to get apart they are, are much better for spillage as the mobo and etc are protected by a metal layer!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 19 Nov 2009

The cost of a new screen and keyboard = the cost of "professional" labour to strip and rebuild would make it not worth repairing.

The keyboard may just require stripping and cleaning, coffee is not quite as bad as Wine or fizzy drinks like coke.
The screen may need replacing.

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