Codemasters 'Dirt'

  Chas49 23:07 25 Feb 2008

I have a problem with the Codemasters ‘Dirt’ - running in Vista. I an using the arrow keys to accelerate, steer and brake but they are over sensitive – its impossible to accelerate and steer properly. It was the same set up in Toca (albeit on an XP computer) but I didn’t have that trouble. Is there any way of altering the sensitivity of these keys.

  brundle 23:32 25 Feb 2008

No such thing as `sensitivity` with an on/off circuit like a keyboard key. I've played the demo and found it uncontrollable even with a PS2 controller - Colin Mcrae 1 & 2 on the old PSX had the perfect controller setup for such things.

  Chas49 08:35 26 Feb 2008

Thanks Brundle:

You are correct of course, it is either on or off. With Toca 3 and previous games of that type I had no trouble and any car 'instability' was entirely my fault and I realised that and was able to remedy that, the games were good value.

It would appear now that 'Dirt' is plagued by a fault not of our making - in fact, as far as I am personally concerned, a complete waste of money.

That is a pity for I find that such games help to keep your mind active - especially when eyesight is so poor that the real thing has to be given up.

Such is life I'm afraid!

  keef66 11:12 26 Feb 2008

get a usb steering wheel

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