codecs problem

  jaygice 12:11 15 Jul 2003

hi i have a movie i want to watch never had a prob till now its saying i need a codec to play this data i have divx player 2.1 been to with no joy the player says it does not rec the file FOURCC CODE "0" any help please cheers

  Confab 12:38 15 Jul 2003

I find that this method works in about 99% of cases. It's a bit long winded but should get your file playing.

Download and install the latest windows media player, real player, divx player and quicktine player.

Try to play the file through each player in turn whilst connected to the net. The reason being is that each player will look for the required codec.

If this doesn't work post back.


  jaygice 12:54 15 Jul 2003

sorry done confab no joy

  Confab 13:05 15 Jul 2003

I've had a look on the net and it could be a "fake" file. Did you download it from Kazaa or something like that? It could just be a huge file of "zeros".

  jaygice 15:43 15 Jul 2003

i was thinking that confab anyway thanks for your help going to the pub now

  King Diamond 14:55 16 Jul 2003

what is the file extension?

  crx1600 15:06 16 Jul 2003

install both these codecs, click here (Xvid) and click here (divX).

you can also try a fourCC code changer, click here open it, browse to the avi file, and experiment with another code. (id make a copy of the avi, and play with that)

  Confab 15:24 16 Jul 2003

If you want to be 100% sure then download and install the hex viewer from here click here . If you see a whole bunch of zeros then its a "fake" file.


  Confab 15:29 16 Jul 2003

Just copied from another forum Its a fairly simple concept,

that file was specifically constructed to trick software into thinking it is a real file.

Its not, its something which looks enough like an AVI to trick most players into trying to play it.

They can not play it as there is NO DATA in the file, not even a fourcc code.

The fourcc code 0 is what happens if there is no fourcc code

and no fourcc code

means no decoding.

of course, if there was a fourcc code, that still wouldn't work either, as there is probably no audio data and no video data either

there's probably no frames data

and no track data...

there is no data.

  wicked willy 16:11 16 Jul 2003

Hi , Have you tried the Windows Program ,If you have the Program , Right Click and goto Open with..... and put the DVD and hope it works iot did for me and I had the instructions off this very Site , so If I could do it so can you , and By the Way I would Like to thank the forum Members for Helping Me Bill

  wicked willy 16:40 16 Jul 2003

I Forgot to say what the windows program was ,look up Microsoft DVD Program if you haven`t got it download and then Drag and drop Bill

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