Phil-UK 20:42 31 Jul 2008


i just got a new pc and i want to keep it running as good as possible and not install or add anything.

i was wondering if i should install any Vista codecs or is it better not to?


  Clapton is God 21:17 31 Jul 2008

Quite frankly, if you plan to "not install or add anything", I fail to see the point of having a PC in the first place.

  Phil-UK 21:20 31 Jul 2008

i meant to say not add anything i dont really need, was a typo on my part, it more a media pc so i will be watching, listing to music and backing up my dvd collection etc!

  Phil-UK 21:21 31 Jul 2008

saying that i did feel you response was not helpful, maybe you are one of them people who just goes around correcting people

  MAT ALAN 21:23 31 Jul 2008

If your PC is running as you want it and it does what you want then there is no need for third party progs apart from internet security and housekeeping software (absolute must have) i'm sorta with clapton is god on this one, don't quite know what your going to do, unless we read you wrong...

  MAT ALAN 21:26 31 Jul 2008

Jumping the gun a bit PHIL-UK we can only respond to what you write and how we read it is not always going to be positive feedback.
If you explain yourself a bit better there are people here that can give you in depth advice....

  Clapton is God 21:28 31 Jul 2008

Thank you. I couldn't have put it better myself.

  Phil-UK 21:29 31 Jul 2008

ok, maybe i did not expect people to take every word on face value, its also interesting even tho you read the same message yet you still answered in a different helpful way.

like i said it was a typo on my part, i understand that bit that it made it confusing

  MAT ALAN 21:32 31 Jul 2008

Not a problem PHIL-UK we only human, be glad to help (if i can)....

  gazzaho 02:33 01 Aug 2008

If you mean codecs for playing different video formats, be careful what and where you download them from as there are a lot of malware programs out there masquerading as codecs. I use this one myself K-Lite Codec Pack 3.9.5 Full as it seems to handle most video formats. I would download and install McAfee Site Advisor which will identify dangerous and safe sites when using google, then do a search for K-Lite and download it, or any other program for that matter, from a green rated site.

Hope this helps.

  ashdav 22:24 02 Aug 2008

click here
Always a good site for program updates.
K lite codecs are on the right under the green header.

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