Spr 14:46 02 Jul 2004

My grandson while on Holiday bought from a Games Shop, a second hand PC Game. It loads in all right but when he went to play the game, enters the code that came with it, it comes up with an invalid code message. We have tried different entering the code all to no avail. Is it possible to find the code required on the CD or has my grandson to put it down to Experience. The game is Counter Strike

  Agent Smith 14:57 02 Jul 2004

The code should be in the booklet with the CD just inside the front cover I thinkk.

  Terry Brown 15:42 02 Jul 2004

Did the game come with all the original information and paperwork ?, if not it could be a pirated copy, and the original code is registered with the company (and the original user), which is why it will not let you register it.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:37 02 Jul 2004

As the game is second hand, could this be the problem?

i.e. the code was registered by the orginal owner?


If so there must be a legitimate way around this as the original owner would have needed to re-register the product if they bought a new PC. Try looking on the manufacturers web site.



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