CoD4 Lagging, What GFX Card Would Be Better?

  Silenced 14:12 31 Aug 2008

Hello, I just bought Call of Duty 4 on PC for my Packard Bell X2712 but I lag badly, are there any settings I can do to help me online.

Also, if there isn't really anything that would make a very big difference what graphics card would I be able to buy to make my computer be able to play CoD4 and future games I will get.

I do not have much money to spend as I am only 14, I have about £50-£100 to spend if the graphics card will increase my playing performance greatly for the future too.

  citadel 16:35 31 Aug 2008

install call of duty 4 1.6 patch as this may help. you dont say what card you have now and you need to know what wattage psu you have as new cards need more power.

  Silenced 16:55 31 Aug 2008

I have 8600GS and 440-480 wattage PSU

Also now no servers are showing up O.O So I uninstalled and re-installed, nothing, now I am downloading 1.4 patch in hope it will make a difference

  Silenced 17:41 31 Aug 2008

I've just found out I get 30FPS on it...

  citadel 18:00 31 Aug 2008

30fps should be playable. not much you can do for online speed as this depends on your connection and ping. for future games someone may get you a 4850 for xmas and a 650w psu.

  Silenced 21:12 31 Aug 2008

My ping is normally about 90

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