Cn anyone tell me where to find startup programmes

  Housten 11:45 05 Apr 2018

Good Morning, Gentlemen, I must admit I am not great at playing with my desktop computer intricacies but I am getting very annoyed with mine. I used to get through startup in about 10 to 12 seconds. Now it is taking over 30 seconds! As far as I know I have not changed anything and I would like to know where I can look so that I can see what is taking the extra time. I admit that some people will think that 30 seconds isn't too bad, but after being used to 10 to 12 seconds it seems like an eternity and I am a bit worried what has been injected into the start up procedure!!!!

Any and all replies will be very gratefully received.

  Aitchbee 12:04 05 Apr 2018

Start, Run, type in 'msconfig' [without the quotes] then select the Startup tab.

You can then deselect any program that runs, when you start up your computer.

The changes you make can be reversed.

  Govan1x 13:04 05 Apr 2018

Dont think that works anymore on W10 Aitchbee.

Maybe try Task manager.Start up. And disable any on there that you do not want running.

  Govan1x 13:10 05 Apr 2018

mabe run disk clean up and when that finishes run file clean up when the other box opens. That gets rid of any old windows updates.

Also have a look in device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks.

And you could run sfc /scannow using cmd as administrator to see if that finds and fixes any problems.

Make sure you have at least 20% free space on the hard drive.

  lotvic 13:22 05 Apr 2018

Windows key + r (opens the Run box) type in 'msconfig' [without the quotes] then select the Startup tab. (as per HB said)

Windows 10: when I do as above, mine tells me "To manage startup items, use the Startup section of Task Manager" with a link to click on to 'Open Task Manager' When that opens I can select what to stop/start etc. It also tells the impact of each, low, medium, high, none.

  john bunyan 13:42 05 Apr 2018

The easiest way , if you have CCleaner is to use Tools start then highlight the ones you want to disable.

  Housten 15:48 05 Apr 2018

Good afternoon, Gentlemen, First many, many thanks to all of you for replying. What I should have mentioned is that I use Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. john bunyan in your reply you state that in Ccleaner if I highlight the ones I do not want to run this will stop them. Well most of them I have 'disabled' but they are still listed, would it be better to delete them altogether because 'disabling' them seems not to make any difference?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:07 05 Apr 2018

the ability to disable means its easy to re-enable if you decide you ned hem in start up deleting will make no difference if they are disabled.

Have you disabled FAstboot up at some point as this will make a difference.

To enable,

Search for and open “Power options” in the Start Menu.

Click “Choose what the power buttons do” on the left side of the window.

Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”

Under “Shutdown settings” make sure “Turn on fast startup” is enabled.

  KEITH 1955 19:22 05 Apr 2018

start up menu via msconfig works on any op system , as others have said you cant delete an entry just in case you want to enable it again , you just untick what you don't want. I only have realtec sound manager ticked in start up and get to desktop in 17 seconds ( solid state drives ) .

Have you got any entries in the start menu for programs you have got rid of , if you have untick them because the fact you have the entry will mean windows is still trying to find the relevant program and this will slow down the start up procedure.

  Housten 12:44 09 Apr 2018

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, Fruit Bat /\0/\, I have Windows 7 Home Premium and I couldn't find the power options you were referring to. Can you tell me where I can find them on my system, please? MJS WARLORD, I followed your statement to find what I think I wanted!! Interestingly what I found was some of the "programmes" were ticked but listed as "Stopped", so I have now un-ticked all of those and my computer has just booted up in under 12 seconds!! Thank you to everyone who responded to my plea!!

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