CMOS/GPNV message at boot up..can you help me?

  dolphingirl 17:23 01 Feb 2005

Hello, my computer gives the following at boot up:

Amibios (c) 2003 American megatrends Inc.
Release 08/09/2003

AMD Athlon (tm) XP2200+

Del: setup F8 Bootmenu F12 network bootup

'CMOS/GPNV checksum bad'

Press F1 to run setup
f2 to load default values and continue

(c) Americam Megatrends Inc


I'used the search option on this site,

click here

and replaced the cmos battery as suggested but still get the above message at bootup. I've checked its the correct battery and that it is also put in the right way round. It only seems to go in the 1 way.

I've tried booting up an pressing del : F8 : F12: F1 and F2 withoout any luck.

I'm using windowsXP home.


D :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 01 Feb 2005

f1 should get you into the BIOS as stated

Make and model of computer?

you may need to reset a jumper on the motherboard to clear the BIOS, see your manual.

  keith-236785 17:38 01 Feb 2005

you could try clearing the cmos via a jumper on the mobo, refer to your mobo manual for instructions.

enter bios on booting and check the date is correct. that could cause a conflict possibly.

click here for something i found but which wasnt very helpful, sorry

good luck

p.s the cmos battery goes in with the writing to the top but i think you know that already.

  keith-236785 17:39 01 Feb 2005

some computers require you to press DEL AND then ENTER to get into the bios.

  dolphingirl 21:02 01 Feb 2005

thank you very much for all of your help. i had a sudden thought and try anyother keyboard which allowed me to get into the bios. the date was set as sept 09 03, changed to todays date saved and rebooted and my pc started straight up. thank you again for your help

D ;-)

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