CMOS SET UP to get off it

  Michael-223344 18:59 03 Jan 2007

OK AGES ago i parked the drives afiak on this old pc.

Now all i get is the CMOS set up screen and thats it ....i have no idea about the set u stuff...i used to just turn the pc on :)

When I do save and exit it boots to the screen that mentions pressing DEL and then drops back into CMOS

Ps this machine old one> ran on windows ME

So starters for 10 for a no idea noob :)

Ta for any assist

  Totally-braindead 19:03 03 Jan 2007

afiak? parked the drives? set u stuff?

No idea what any of that means.

When you go into the BIOS there should be an option to save it and exit. You do that and thats all you should have to do.

  Michael-223344 19:06 03 Jan 2007

Hmm ok

afaik = AS FAR AS I KNOW

set u was meant to be set up .

Anyhows :) That i have tried and guess what it gets me ......CMOS set up utility again ?

weird cos no error messages to give me an idea why it keeps looping back ?

Thanks anyways ? Any one else ? :)

  thms 19:13 03 Jan 2007

My mate had this problem the other day. Eventually tracked it down to a dodgy graphics card.

Could also be dogy memory, not detecting the hdd, or overheating.

  Totally-braindead 19:15 03 Jan 2007

Check all connections first, remove and reseat cables, graphics cards, memory etc and retry.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 03 Jan 2007

Old PC, the CMOS battery will be flat and you will have lost the settings for the drives.

Even f you reset every time the PC boots it will be unable to retain the settings.

1. change the battery
2. boot to BIOS and set to the correct figures for your drives (If old enough to have parkable drives then BIOS will be too old to auto detect drives). Cylinder heads and sectors will be marked on a label on the drives.
3. save and exit BIOS and it should then boot.

  Michael-223344 22:40 03 Jan 2007

Fruit Bat

Ok I will have a look into all that :)

I being to wonder if I shouldnt just get some 16 year old in PC world to sort it :)

Lazy I am <Use a Yoda Voice>

Ta tho ...I do occasionally try to learn as I go :)

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