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CMOS Checksum BAD error

  Giggle n' Bits 02:17 21 Aug 2006

ok, things now getting daft. I have just started getting this happen on a restart of XP with a Asus K8V-X-SE motherboard, the system seems to halt on boot, Screen turns off to stanby and pressing reset switch then comes with error CMOS Checksum error BAD.

I change the BIOS Settings back turning of LAN and changing the boot option to SATA HDD only the clock and date stays the same but the other things change even though I save changes.

I have just added a TV Tuner and also its a clean install of XP SP2 Home with a SATA II HDd on a SATA 1 type motherboard, so I will just put the jumper cap on and see it that makes any difference. Be back tommorow didn't think it was this late.

Thanks if anyone can work out why I get CMOS checksum error.

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