cmos battery discharging ??????

  jonnytub 21:44 20 Aug 2004

Wasn't sure whether to post this or not but it's bugging the crap out of me (pardon my french) about 6 month's ago my cmos battery died, the mobo (asrock KS78X) was about 2 months old at the time and i thought it strange for the battery to die, i put it down to the mobo being on the shelf for a while and other contributing factors (shelf storage alone wouldn't kill the battery, surely?), 2 month's after this the battery died again, suspicous i checked the voltage (v.meter) coming out the battery and sure enough it was dead, a little peeved i replaced the battery again and 2 weeks down the line the batery was dead again!!!, i duly replaced the battery (whilst thinkng why i shouldn't go get a replacement mobo!)and it's been fine ever since.

i wonder what the problem was (or is) as the battery has been fine since, i've used branded battery's all the time and don't think it's down to bad luck, any clues????

  hillybilly 22:28 20 Aug 2004

Bad luck seems to be stretching it a bit, have you changed any hardware? perhaps you had the mobo in 'n out the case at some time causing a small short!

I know its not the same but last week I had a pc that every time I plugged a power lead into it, it knocked out the router and took my network down! had to change a brand new PSU!

  jonnytub 22:41 20 Aug 2004

Hi Hillybilly, the only hardware changed was an optorite dvd-rw drive which was put in after the first battery died, i realise that this is probably just some strange anomaly but wondered if there was a definitive answer.

  woodchip 23:11 20 Aug 2004

Hardware will not affect the CMOS battery as all it is for, is CMOS chip. Suspect faulty MOBO

  jonnytub 23:12 20 Aug 2004

will tick this one off as i don't believe there is a definitive answer, regards Jonny.

  jonnytub 23:14 20 Aug 2004

That's what I suspect but it doesn't explain why it's been fine for last few month or so, stange????

  woodchip 23:16 20 Aug 2004

Just my opinion

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