CMOS battery

  L_Driver 16:43 27 Mar 2007

Got a message on boot-up re battery low. Anything I should know before replacing battery please ?
Is it problematic in any way ?

  Belatucadrus 16:48 27 Mar 2007

Most MOBOs take a pretty standard button cell battery and changing it is just a case of popping one out and clipping the replacement in, usually a CR2032 or CR2016 I think, but do check it first as there are variations on a theme.

  L_Driver 16:58 27 Mar 2007

Are config. settings lost at all ?

  Fingees 17:01 27 Mar 2007

YES make a note of them, as they will probably default

  uesquebeathus 17:01 27 Mar 2007

date and time will have to be re-inputed as well as any special settings for boot sequence or such, they will all go back to the date time of motherboard/bios manufacture

  Totally-braindead 17:02 27 Mar 2007

Its been that long since I had to replace a CMOS battery I really can't remember. I think it does lose the setting but I have all mine written down in the back of my manual anyway.

Boots the Chemists sells them as do many other places, don't let a PC shop charge you a fiver for it saying its a specialist item cos its not. Many places will have them they are used in watches, hearing aids, calculators etc. Get the same number though.

  L_Driver 17:07 27 Mar 2007

I flashed my BIOS several years ago .. the system is a 6 year old Dell Dimension. Will I lose that BIOS update do you know ?

  Stuartli 17:55 27 Mar 2007

I've never had to replace a motherboard battery in at least the last 12 years...:-)

Most seem to be the CR2032 which is very commonly used and shouldn't cost more than, at the most, about £2.

  Stuartli 17:56 27 Mar 2007

If you change the battery pretty rapidly, then you may well not lose the settings.

  Diemmess 18:10 27 Mar 2007

Your Bios update will be OK. It wont need flashing. Once done that's how it stays, but like the earlier version it will default to the factory settings.

In my limited experience there are very few changes made to BIOS settings by most people. Usually a matter of convenience rather than life or death choices.
As others have said boot order is a favourite one and easily corrected to what you want later.

  Totally-braindead 18:15 27 Mar 2007

Agree 100% with Diemmess.

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