Sherwood 21:46 24 Aug 2006

Will my computer work without a CMOS battery?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:44 24 Aug 2006

It will not retain settings for detection of hard drive and CD/dvd drives clock will also be wrong.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 24 Aug 2006

From your other thread

CMOS Battery
click here

very easy to change and don't pay more than a couple of quid.

  phono 22:51 24 Aug 2006

To clarify what Fruit Bat /\0/\ has said, every time you switch on your PC it will not have retained the settings which Fruit Bat /\0/\ has mentioned and they will have to be auto-detected or entered manually but your PC will work, to avoid problems with timestamping, wndows updates etc you will need to enter the correct date and time, a new CMOS battery is not expensive, it is easily replaced and will save a lot of hassle.

  phono 22:52 24 Aug 2006

You beat me to it.

  Sherwood 17:51 25 Aug 2006

Strangely, my computer clock is now accurate.
I have a new computer. But I am a bit pushed for time. So I awant to continue with this one until I need to cHange. I just want to be sure that I will not lose any work.

  ed-0 18:50 25 Aug 2006

" Strangely, my computer clock is now accurate."

It will. As long as you keep the mains lead attached to the computer and mains socket switch is in the on position. With the computer switched off, the mains lead will supply a trickle charge to the computer and keep the settings intact.

turn off the mains socket and you lose all the settings immediately.

  Stuartli 19:51 25 Aug 2006

>>turn off the mains socket and you lose all the settings immediately.>>

That doesn't make sense, to me at least.

The battery is there to maintain the settings whenever the system is switched off or moved to another location.

  ed-0 21:42 25 Aug 2006

That is when there is no battery in the machine to maintain the settings.

The follow on from sherwood's first post

" Will my computer work without a CMOS battery? "

  Stuartli 23:35 25 Aug 2006

Your are, of course, quite correct...:-)

Case of engaging typing fingers before engaging brain...:-)))

But I can plead that the earlier postings are not visible when posting my comment.....

  ed-0 23:14 26 Aug 2006


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