Clueless about graphics cards.

  Mezzo 22:06 14 Oct 2003

I think i need a decent one to be able to play decent games as the only mention of graphics on my dell is 'Intel Extreme Integrated'.

Probably aslo need a sound card too as that too is an 'Integrated Soundmax Soundcard'.

Have seen a Radeon 9600 or something like that in pc world for about 130 notes. possibly made by pny?

Would i need both sound and graphics cards or would a graphics one do both?

My Dell 2350 consists of:

P4 2.5ghz
60 gigabyte hard drive
Dell motherboard (i think)
512k RAM (upgrade to 1024k ?)
Running XP Pro

Also, for a variety of games, which is the best controller? I am used to the PS2 one, any adaptors for that so it can be used on a pc?

thanks as always. much appreciated.

  pinka 22:24 14 Oct 2003

there are adaptors for ps pads but thats from a while ago , to be used with bleem so i dont know if it would work with pc games . i use a logitech wingman rumble pad , the shape seems a little strange at first but ive got biggish hands and it is comfortable . as far as graphics cards go if you type geforce fx and radeon pro you will find my thread from the other day with a link to the gunmetal benchmark results.

  Simon_P 23:31 14 Oct 2003

graphics cards
click here

Providing your m board has an AGP slot.

Sound will depend on what you are after, if you are happy with the onboard sound then there is no need to upgrade.

A sound card will handle sound better than onboard sound as the 5.1 live / Audigy etc has its own sound prosessor

You cant really go wrong with any of the Creative soud cards 5.1 live / Audigy etc. also if you only have basic speakers then you wont get much benifit from a high end card.

Keep in mind that adding these yourself may invalidate your gaurentee if you still have one.

Dont know much about game controlers sorry.

  Jason-284828 09:03 15 Oct 2003 do an adaptor to use your Playstation controller on the pc.

I have one and it very good, just plugs in the usb port and you can connect 2 controller to it.

Here the link

click here

  JFT 09:13 15 Oct 2003

Im pretty sure your Dell doesn't have an AGP slot, which would mean you are pretty limited in what graphics card you can get.You would need to get a card that plugs into PCI slot. The problem with PCI cards is they are a lot harder to find and most of the new graphics cards are for AGP slots only.

  JFT 09:19 15 Oct 2003

I checked the Dell website and your out of luck, your Dimension 2350 doesn't have an AGP slot.It has three PCI slots, so if you want to upgrade your graphics you will have to find a PCI graphics card.

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:47 15 Oct 2003
  Mezzo 20:33 15 Oct 2003

excellent advice from all as always. good job i havent bought one yet then!

i can't believe i dont have an agp slot. how on earth did that happen? i only bought my dell in january.

how can i rectify this? buy a new motherboard? are pci graphics cards no good?

  GerrieC 15:38 18 Oct 2003

I know sdram and ddr do not mix on a mobo, but how does ddr ram on graphics card stand alongside sdram on mobo. Is it OK to use graphics card with ddr on a mobo with sdram ???

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