Club Membership Software

  eikonuj 20:27 27 Mar 2010

I have been tasked with finding a Windows 7 club membership software package, for about 700 members.
Currently Excel is used but expanding membership means it is fast becoming a pain.
I have MS Office 2007 but Access etc is not what we need.
The right software is the prime consideration, primarily for email shots, mailing labels, subscription records and membership number records.
A bonus would be to be able to import directly from the existing Excel database.
I have Googled to no avail.
Many thanks.

  MAJ 21:07 27 Mar 2010

Access seems to be the perfect candidate, what makes you say it isn't?

  Taff™ 08:35 28 Mar 2010

Can you tell us what sort of a "Club" this is and does it have a website? We have a sport based membership that is online based and runs off a database set up originally in Excel (And probably Access) where all members can log in securely to update their own personal details.

Administrators can add payment details and various other "Sport Related Details" which members are not allowed to change which means we can track payments and issue reminders etc. Members can view this information as well.

Newsletters are currently distributed manually but we have the facility to do this entirely online - composing the newsletter or bulletin and sending it to the entire membership or certain groups within the membership.

It has grown quite substantially over the years and is developed by one of our members who does this professionally. We now have other regions within the country who have adopted the system and are happy to pay for the initial setup and ongoing annual maintenance of their club website. It`s quite versatile and also allows specific administrators to add content to their website - breaking news, notices of meetings, subscription reminders and so on.

This may be one step beyond where you want to be but as MAJ says, it all started with Excel and Access type linked databases.

  eikonuj 12:38 28 Mar 2010

Maj - I think a course on how to use Access properly would be the way to go, the more I delve into it the better it seems.
Taff -The club is a social club - windsorliberalclub dot com - about a half of current members are not online. The software is for membership info administration.
As stated I think Access is probably the way to go.
Once again thanks

  Sea Urchin 18:23 28 Mar 2010
  eikonuj 21:03 28 Mar 2010

Many thanks for the links, very useful.

  Jdlane 19:05 06 Apr 2010

We use EZFacility to handle this for our club. The website is click here. We've used them for over 2 years now with much success.. hope this helps.

  nlamming 13:55 26 Nov 2010

I am amazed! You say that you have Googled to no avail.
We are the first organic (non paid for) link on the first page if you type Club Membership Software into Google!
Club Master would suit your purpose better than Access.
Art Software Ltd

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