Club Computer Build/Settings?

  Legslip 23:21 16 Jun 2010

I wish to donate my old PC which is of reasonabel spec to a club that I belong to. I have the factory restore disk so I can clean it and reinstall any software which will be antivirus (MSE) and an old licensed version of MS Office. Is there any way os setting it so that people can only view the net and not download any junk, and also if they use office, only save files to any memory sticks they may have handy? In essence, I want to protect the PC. Whats the best way?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 17 Jun 2010

Block sites click here

Lock drives click here

  DieSse 13:41 17 Jun 2010

Use a Linux live CD - each boot will then be unsullied.

  Legslip 16:37 17 Jun 2010

Thanks Fruitbat. Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server appears to be to protect a network of PC's and is a purchasable item. Can I not just adjust the settings in Internet Security?

The locking of drives is great so I'll do that.

  bjh 16:53 17 Jun 2010

I sort of run a set of three computers in our village hall. I don't get much problems from the hoologan element (a civilised bunch use them) but, before sticking each out for use, I take a disk image. Each computer has a label physically stuck on it, and a message on the desktop wallpaper warning that the computer is liable to be cleaned up regularly. All I do is rewrite the clean image once every few months. It only takes 10 minutes, and is easily done.
It doesn't stop them from downloading junk onto the desktop, etc (which might cause problems under some of the proposed law changes), but it does mean the computer can be kept tidy very easily. Any slow down from virus infection, excessive software installation, etc, just reimage.

  Legslip 09:51 19 Jun 2010

Thanks BJH. That seems a damned good idea. What disk imaging software do you use? I see Acronis, which is supposed to be very good, is available for £20 at the moment but can it only be used on one PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:59 19 Jun 2010
  Legslip 10:16 19 Jun 2010

As always, thanks Fruit Bat. Any recommends? Paragon looks OK?

  bjh 22:04 19 Jun 2010

Always worth checking the computer magazine coverdisks. Imaging software seems to be a favourite to be on them. I use both Acronis and Paragon. My Paragon came from magazines... I seem to remember that one of the mags currently on sale also has one on.

I'd say Acronis is easily the more powerful, but for simple imaging, any of them will do fine.

I've used Macrium Reflect a couple of times for fun, and it works fine. Any of the ones in FB.'s link would do the job fine.

  Legslip 01:27 20 Jun 2010

Cheers BJH. That's not Barclay James Harvest is it, if you have heard of 'em? Anyway, what you say is useful and I do get Comp. Shopper every month so I'll have a look.

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