Cloudflare? And am I being hacked?

  sarahjacintha 20:19 27 Jun 2013


I'm a bit disturbed by a something called 'Cloudflare'. Background: I'm using Windows 7 and am on a modest lenovo desktop PC. It's about 18 months old. I was trying to download a washing machine manual but the official site (Zanussi) wouldn't load. So I went to another search result and downloaded a PDF document. I got the 'Do you trust this website?' warning and I usually only use a few trusted sites (Amazon etc) and I thought to myself - should I? But I did anyway.

Since then I've been getting these 'Cloudflare' messages occasionally: 'Cloudflare is checking this webiste' etc. Now as far as I knew, I didn't need 'Cloudflare'. I have Kaspersky Internet Security suite and use their firewall (I've disabled the Windows one, cos I read that using two just slows everything down) and I thought Kaspersky had a great reputation?

But the most disturbing thing is this: I have internet banking and I tried to log in a couple of times recently and have been met with an unusual message: "* (name of bank) doesn't recognize your computer. Please try and log in again."

I go back to the homepage and try again and log in properly and things work out OK. But what's worrying me is this: Did this downloaded washing machine manual PDF document sneak in some spyware or something? I have a wireless PC connection, so is someone in my neighbourhood trying to access my bank account and lastly, what does 'Cloudflare' have to do with anything? As far as I know I've ever downloaded this 'Cloudflare'.

Why am I getting messages from them on my PC when I already have Kaspersky Internet security?

Any ideas?

(and what do you make of internet banking security wise?)

Thanks, Sarah.

  Nontek 21:42 27 Jun 2013

Kaspersky is OK, but will not catch every nasty, very few security programs will, so it is best to have more than one security program. MalwareBytes is great at weeding out the nasties, free to download and use, though I would recommend the Pro version, it is not expensive.

If you don't already have it, click here then update it and run a full scan - might take a little while depending on how much stuff you have on your computer.

I would also advise you to contact your bank and explain your concern!

  Nontek 21:48 27 Jun 2013

Internet banking is generally fine, but of course you do have to be aware and take precautions. I did have a security glitch some years ago which my bank sorted very quickly - I did not lose anything!

Cloudflare appears to be a legitimate site, though I have never heard of it before. Cloudflare

  sarahjacintha 23:03 27 Jun 2013

Thanks a lot. I downloaded 'Malware Bytes' (the free one) and was told there were no threats detected, which was reassuring. Took about 3 mins - I did the 'Quick Scan'.

I did look up 'cloudflare' but all I found were suspiciously glowing pieces of information about its harmlessness. I thought if it's that harmless why did it inveigle itself into my virtual life, without my asking it to? Oh well, it seems that no harm has been done, up to now.

And thanks again for your speedy response! Sarah.

  iscanut 11:30 29 Jun 2013

Not sure if any apply to you, but Google "Cloudfare" and have a look at responses.

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