Closing Program Errors Win 98SE

  jasg 12:08 29 Oct 2003

This is driving me crazy! When ever I close a program it will not close! I have to control alt delete and eventually it will stop responding so I can shut it down this way. Have run virus check , SFC and scandisk and no probs. Running windows 98 SE. Everything has been ok with no software added or removed and this has started! Any one got any ideas? this also seems to effect msgver and rnaap as well as stopping the computer shutting down with an eventual rnaap error which when closed alows the computer to shutdown.

Many Thanks

  sil_ver 12:18 29 Oct 2003

Could be a background prog or possibly a driver problem. Try going to msconfig/starup progs and unticking everything except explorer and systray and reboot. If this solves the problem then it's a case of loading the progs one at a time until the prob starts again. If that doesn't work you could always reinstall your drivers I think the main culprits in this case could be either sound or graphics.

  alan 2273 12:21 29 Oct 2003

If the file is called "rnaap.exe" it is a trojan horse. If it is "rnaapp.exe" it is the dial-up networking stuff. Hope this helps

  Jimmy98 12:26 29 Oct 2003

Check your graphics/vga card drivers are up to date, and that you are using the latest version of directx

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