closing a program

  nosmo 21:42 12 Nov 2003

using windows xp.used system restore.screen tells me a program is running in backgrond "Money express" and to close it.Please would sme kind soul tellme how.I loked for task manager but cant find it.Please help.

  VoG II 21:45 12 Nov 2003

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL together (once only!) to bring up Task Manager.

On the Applications tab, click on Money Express then click the End Task button.

  Daedrus 21:45 12 Nov 2003

Did you check under the processes tab in the task manager or just under the applications?

  woodchip 21:51 12 Nov 2003

Go to start/Run type MSCONFIG press ok go to strartup tab and remove the tick for the program

  nosmo 22:41 12 Nov 2003

thanks for info but i still cant close.
the box that pops up is"Windows installer"It says
"Setup needs to close Microsoft money express and is unable to do so.please close.Any further comment would be helpful.Ihave to go to work now but will look for anything helpful tomorrow.

  nosmo 11:09 13 Nov 2003

Thanks,but it did not come up as expected
The message i have is"Windows Installer"
Preparing to Install.
then a popup appears over the top of this "MicrosoftMoney" set up needs to close microsoft money express and is unable to do so. Task manager says only Window installer is running.Any more help will be welcome.I tried to uninstall Money,but can't,for same reason,something still running.

  VoG II 11:16 13 Nov 2003

Try woodchip's advice, then reboot.

  nosmo 11:41 13 Nov 2003

thankyou,in task manager,under processes,in list is "mnyexpr.exe" is this what i am looking for,and do i just remove it.I tried woodchips advice but perhaps i typed it wrong.

  VoG II 11:49 13 Nov 2003

Yes, that's the one.

  nosmo 16:28 13 Nov 2003

VoG.tried that Hilight "mnyexpr.exe" Press end process.Get warnig about termination process.Press yes want to terminate.Mnyexp disappears.but button stays grayed out.
Start up again now and there it is back again both on screen and in task manager.If there is anything else i can do.Sorry for being such a pain.thank's.

  VoG II 17:01 13 Nov 2003

You need to stop it from loading every time you reboot.

Start, Run and type in


and click on OK.

A window will pop-up. Click on the tab called Startup and untick the program. Then click OK.

Reboot your computer.

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