Closing IE7 hangs every time

  Grendel 19:05 27 Sep 2008

Friend's Win XP SP3 laptop with IE7 and Windows all up to date, security ok. Using IE7 is ok but on closing it (by any method) it hangs every time and has to be ended via Task Manager. HD space is about half free and memory (512Mb) usage is ok. No processor or memory intensive applications running - happens even if IE is the only application open and no AV scans etc going. Not a great problem but a mysterious nuisance. Any ideas?

  Technotiger 19:41 27 Sep 2008

If using any Add-ons with IE7, disable the add-ons and then try it.

  rdave13 19:42 27 Sep 2008

It could be an addon that's causing the problem. You can either reset the browser or go to tools, manage addons and disable them. Try closing the browser. If it closes ok then re-enable addons, say three at a time and check if it closes ok to see which one is causing it.

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