Closing CD-R's and Re-Wr's

  alcudia 10:27 23 Sep 2003

Something I've wondered about for quite a time. Is there any advantage in closing a CDR or CDRW when full. I've always left them open to save time.

I know that it would be possible for data to be erased, but ignoring this, does closing add more permanence to the data. ie readability. Or is there no difference.

I am mentioning this because I am backing up quite a lot of files before performing a number of upgrades. The files are being copied by Easy CD5 through Direct CD.
When copied back I will be using Easy CD6, which has lost Direct CD in favour of something called Drag to Disc, which I understand is compatible.
I tried to close a disc last night that had more than 3000 files on it. After 3 hours I cancelled.
It just takes too long.

Grateful for any thoughts.

  The Sack 10:41 23 Sep 2003

Do you mean finalizing them? yes there is advantages as some devices cant read multi-session discs.

FWIW finalizing a CD-R or CD-RW should add only 2 or 3 seconds (if that) to the overall burn time as all you are doing is telling the TOC that the disc is done with. If it is taking any longer something is wrong

  alcudia 10:51 23 Sep 2003

Thank you. I thought there may be something wrong. But Direct CD does take a long time. It's the same here at work. An hour or more is the norm. It might be worth creating a data CD instead.

As the discs will be copied back using the same drive I can't see that I will have problem leaving them open if I can't speed things up.

  alcudia 11:49 23 Sep 2003

Just closed the same disc here at the office using same software. Took 45mins. I had forgotten that when I hit cancel last night my machine went down. So something had gone wrong. Possibly after such a lot of copying etc. I had just run out of rescources. I will try again tonight with another disc.

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