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  BESTIE 12:15 22 Dec 2004

We have recently been given a PC which is a few years old, someting like a 300mhz cyrix processor. The problem we have is when you first boot it up, it comes on and stays on for a short while, then the computer beeps and re boots. sometimes during rebooting it beeps again and starts over again. This happens a few times until we get fed up trying and waiting. I woyld be grateful for any advice you can give me.

  ACOLYTE 12:20 22 Dec 2004

Do you get to the windows screen?,if not i would say its either somthing set up wrong in the bios or g-card,memory error,as its beeping at post i would check the insides make sure everything is connected ok.

  xania 12:20 22 Dec 2004

I would suggest that you don't depend upon the operating system installation that's probably been in place for a few months/years. I assume you have been given the software installation discs, so I would recommend that you wiped the hard disk clean and made a fresh start.

  BESTIE 12:25 22 Dec 2004

there is an error comes up when booting regarding graphics but i am unsure as to how to disable graphics if this is the solution

  ACOLYTE 12:31 22 Dec 2004

If its on board graffix you will neeed to get into bios and dissable it there,it should tell you what button to press to get into the bios at the post screen,usually delete,but it can vary,if you disable on board card you will need another to put in the pci slot.
Can you say what the error is? may just need drivers\

  BESTIE 12:36 22 Dec 2004

I cannot remember the exact error message as i don't have the PC with me as yet but as far as i can remember it is on board graphics. Presumably i will need a new graphics card if i disable graphics in bios. I have looked in the bios but can't locate anything to do with graphics. Where should i be able to find it

  ACOLYTE 12:50 22 Dec 2004

Not sure without seeing it but it should have a name like Hardware devices,best thing is to look in all till you see it.

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