Close AOL in Win98SE

  ton 14:52 11 Dec 2003

Does anyone know of a fix that will allow me to closedown AOL while connected with Win98SE?
I can close the connection ok in my XP partition, but if I try it in the Win98 partition it will hang and then come up with WAOL error.

  Diemmess 17:01 11 Dec 2003

Possibly a clash of software or settings, but if you get one of the more helpful Chat Agent XXX UK they will suggest deleteing this or that and then letting Aol reconfig the settings it needs.

  Djohn 17:12 11 Dec 2003

Try a search for files and delete them. AOL will rebuild the folder on logging on again.

If that does not cure the hanging problem then try the following. Bring up the AOL desktop but don't log on. go to the toolbar then settings/preferences, and click on fonts/text graphics.

In the small box of the new window that appears you will see the number 40 reduce this to 5 save and exit back to your desktop, reboot the PC.

Open the AOL desktop, [Don't log on] go through the above procedure and increase the number back to 40 save and exit back to desktop, re-boot and open the AOL desktop, this time log on and the graphics file will be rebuilt for you. This should solve the problem.

Give it a try and good luck. j.

  ton 19:38 11 Dec 2003

Thanks for info Djohn.
I tried both your suggestions (twice) but still the same.
I usually just restart the PC to close AOL.
The problem wasn't there with AOL7 and dial-up, it started when I installed AOL8 and broadband.

Do you think it would do any good to uninstall and reinstall AOL8?

  Djohn 19:57 11 Dec 2003

Yes, it may be the answer to the problem. Although 8 is very good, there are still a few bugs in the program. It was only 2 month back that we where doing a beta test on an updated release of 8, this is probably released by now, but should have automatically updated as you go to sign off.

If there are minor updates to AOL software, then as you sign off, you will see a message asking you to wait a moment while the download takes place. These are always small files and take no more than a couple of minutes, but easy to miss the message if you log off without looking.

Try a fresh download and see if that cures the problem. It should do, but in saying that, I never had any problems with dial-up and 8 but on changing to broadband I started to have similar problems. Some of these where caused by up-dates to XP from Microsoft, they would overwrite the AOL software. A quick re-install of AOL would fix the problem. Also there is a Hotfix from microsoft that clashes with AOL and needs to be removed from your PC.

I've not got the number of the hotfix to hand but will find and post it in a few minutes. j.

  Djohn 20:12 11 Dec 2003

Sorry ton, can't find the number but will keep looking for it. Also if [email protected]@m sees this thread he will let you know as he too had to remove it.

  ton 20:25 11 Dec 2003

Thanks Djohn. You mentioned about the AOL updates, I was wondering, if I've never been able to sign off properly, the updates might not have arrived?

I'll put the re-install on hold for a while to see if [email protected]@m finds the number.
Thanks again.

  Djohn 20:52 11 Dec 2003

Found the little blighter!

It's number SP2 Q811493 this hotfix is for XP but affects AOL software and their help assistants advise the removal of from control panel, then add/remove programs. Scroll down to the hotfix and remove.

Give it a try and if it does not improve things, you can always re-install it. j.

  Mad Boy 21:53 11 Dec 2003

Same problem for me, Win98Se, AOL 8.0, Dial-up. When i try closing aol (usually after fairly long sessions, say over 1 hour) it freezes, well it doesnt show the sign off box. I get the Waol error, forcing windows to close it. Its a damn b***h, i though my comp started going sluggish

  ton 16:58 12 Dec 2003

Djohn, I've been on AOL chat help today about this problem. They gave me several things to try, none of which made any difference.

In the end they gave up and said to phone Technical support.
I said is it ok to go back to AOL7, they said yes.

This got me thinking that as I only really use AOL for the connection (I use IE or Opera), could I go back even further than AOL7 for an even smaller prog?

I wondered if you have experience of older versions that would work with broadband (I have a copy of the broadband modem driver).

  ton 22:08 12 Dec 2003


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