Cloning Windows Xp

  Y2K_Phil 20:22 01 May 2006

Hi all

I am currently working on a Windows Xp pro machine and I am looking at cloning the Hard drive from a IDE to a SATA drive using Norton Ghost v10.

The clone works fine and Norton copies everything perfectly. I then disconnect the old IDE drive and connect the new SATA drive. This then boots perfectly to the Windows login screen.

I then put in my user name and password and try to login. Here are where the problems start. The computer begins to logon and then logs me straight off again to the Ctrl-Alt-Del screen. If I repeat the process the same happens again.

I am at a complete loss I have tried everything and nothing chages this.

Thanks for any help.


  terryf 20:30 01 May 2006

Download a try before buy copy of Acronis, you could do what you want and then may be persuaded to buy anyway cos I find it such a useful easy to use prog

  Wak 21:32 01 May 2006

There's also the FREE XXCLONE (for win XP) from click here

  DieSse 23:33 01 May 2006

I don't know for sure (sorry) - but I have my suspicions that a clone of an IDE setup system would not work correctly on a SATA set up system. For a start the IDE version would not have the SATA drivers installed.

The only way around this would probably be to do a Windows repair install on the SATA drive, after the cloning.

  DieSse 23:36 01 May 2006

This explains it - and tells you how to fix things. click here

  Y2K_Phil 08:13 02 May 2006

The SATA drivers are already installed as they are onboard the mobo. The drive works fine inside windows with no issues. Its when I re start with the SATA drive instead of the IDE the drive will boot all the way into the logon screen and then wont let me in.

Therefore the drivers must be working one would assume.

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