Cloning over existing programmes?

  Kernel 11:40 14 Apr 2007

I discarded a large HDD some time ago thinking it to be damaged and have been using a much smaller disc, I have now discovered that the original disc was not damaged (another story altogether) and have replaced it in my computer together with the smaller one. Both discs have Windows XP with SP2 on them but they are not the same system (different validation keys etc). Could I use something like Acronis to transfer the contents of the smaller disk to the large one and would it overwrite the large disk contents or would I have to remove everything from the large disk prior to transfer?

  Kate B 11:43 14 Apr 2007

I'd have thought Acronis could do that, but if the version of XP on the old disk isn't activated for the machine it's in, you could run into problems with WGA and activation.

  Diversion 15:28 14 Apr 2007

You would be better formatting the big drive first as the original data will cause conflicts with what you're replacing it with, and the effect would that your computer would ask to be reactivated every 3 to 4 weeks. I had the same problem with the same thing that you're doing, in the end I had to contact Microsoft UK and they put me in touch with a team from India to sort the problem out.

  Kernel 15:36 14 Apr 2007

Many thanks Kate B and Diversion, it confirms what I suspected might be the case.

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