Cloning HDDs

  Gugs 00:51 04 Nov 2003

What would happen if I tried to clone my Main HD (C) to the slave (D). using XCOPY (or XXCOPY) without altering jumpers or cables?. Both HDDs hold OS (W98SE) and data. I am trying to find a simple way of backing up by switching between HDDs from time to time. I do not yet need the extra capacity of a second disc. It seems to be too simple to work so there must be a catch or two or three. Regards

  shadowcatcher 08:38 04 Nov 2003

Would only really work if D was then made C. Best Idea would be a program like Acronis Trueimage. Allows whole drive backup and creates a compressed image file, about half the size of the used drive data. It also allows individual files to be restored and runs in windows even imaging the drive you are using. I got it free with a mag, it's ideal.

  pj123 11:12 04 Nov 2003

To use xcopy or xxcopy the target disk needs to be empty (ie. only formatted) The way round that is to copy all the data from the D: drive to C: then format D: then perform the clone. That would mean you then have two identical hard disks. Like shadowcatcher I use Acronis to back up my hard disks. It was on the cover of PC Answers Issue 117. Try their website and see if it is available to download.

  SEASHANTY 11:19 04 Nov 2003


  pj123 11:34 04 Nov 2003

Acronis doesn't appear to be available for download from the PC Answers website. But you could email them at [email protected] and buy the mag.

  Wak 11:50 04 Nov 2003

Hi Gugs, I use XXCOPY with Win 98SE and two drives all the time with no problems.
Every one or two weeks I clone the C:\ drive on to the D:\ drive for a perfect back-up.
If the D:\ drive has already been used as a separate drive, the MBR will be OK, so no problems there.
Download XXCOPY on to the C:\ drive then go to START/ Programs/ MS-DOS Prompt and type:-


Note the Space between the \ and the D.
This will then clone everything including System, Registry, Programs and data to the D:\ drive.
In the first instance, you will be asked if you wish to keep all the data found to be different on the D:\ drive and you will have to press "N" for each item. This can be time consuming for the first time unless you delete all programs and data on the D:\ drive before starting the clone.
Make sure you have enough room on the D:\ to take the C:\ drive (only data info, don't worry about the free space). I don't use anything to compress the data as there's no point if you have enough room on the second disc.
In case of future problems with the C:\ drive, simply boot-up the D:\ drive (which will then be called the C:\ drive) and repeat the above command, ie. clone C:\ to D:\ and not D:\ to C:\.
Before cloning, empty the Recycle Bin on C:\, clone C:\ to D:\ then run Scandisk, defrag etc on the original C:\ drive so that you start again with a nice clean system.

  Wak 11:51 04 Nov 2003

P.S. Forgot to mention, no need to alter any jumpers or cables.

  Alan2 18:27 04 Nov 2003

Copied for future reference.

  Gugs 22:33 04 Nov 2003

For your help/advice. It is much appreciated Cheers.

  toni b 02:34 05 Nov 2003

I am having no success with ghost so when I get my puter running will try xcopy thanks
Regards Toni

  powerless 02:40 05 Nov 2003

Try DI7 click here

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