Cloning hard drive

  Patched 14:33 28 Sep 2003

I am about to upgrade the hard drive on my notebook and would like to transfer the present set up to the new drive. The operating system is Windows 98 upgraded to XP home edition.

I have a copy of Norton Ghost 2002 which does not transfer data to an external USB CD-RW.

Prior to purchasing another package or upgrading my version of Ghost could anyone advise me of a program that will will transfer data to an external drive.

  MichelleC 14:40 28 Sep 2003

Ghost will clone to ext hd.

Powerquest Drive Image click here

  pj123 16:24 28 Sep 2003

You could also try xxcopy from click here don't know whether it will copy to external hard drive though (not tried it) but it certainly works on internal. Costs nothing to try.

  Wak 19:07 28 Sep 2003

I agree with PJ123 and I think it will work on an external drive.
I've used XXCOPY for about 18 months now by going to START/ Programs/ MS DOS Prompt then type :-
Adjust the D:\ to be the external drive reference.
This will clone everything, including System files, Programs, registry and data files from the C:\ drive to the other.
As PJ123 says, it's free so well worth a try.

  Rtus 19:57 28 Sep 2003

you could equally use a drive adaptor ( ".5 to 3.5 IDE converter) with the Notebook drive attached to that in A Desktop unit With Drive image / ghost or other on it ..Cheaper than buying New Software....

  R4 21:32 28 Sep 2003

Ghost 2003 handles external devices:-click here

But it is cheaper to get Systemworks which has ghost with it: £12 on Ebay

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