Cloning Conundrum (Disappearing SSD Mystery)

  silver78 16:42 27 Jan 2016

I was getting a bit short of space so I Backed up (cloned) my SSD 240GB Win7, using Windows own Backup utility, to a Toshiba 1TB Ext USB drive and from there I installed it onto a 480GB SSD Everything went to plan and all appears well booting from the new drive. My problem now is, the original 240GB drive no longer appears in Disk Management so I can't reformat it. I have 5 SSD drives installed (Including the 240GB one) and they are all recognised in BIOS.

  xania 10:52 28 Jan 2016

I presume you put the new SSD onto the first SATA connector? Check that the old SSD connections are all firm and, if still no joy, try swapping the SSD's around, but leaving the system SSD alone.

  silver78 11:45 28 Jan 2016

New drive in No1 SATA slot but TBH I don't think it makes any difference what slot one uses as long as it's the designated boot drive. I tried swapping the connections around but it made no difference. As it's seen in BIOS I'm wondering if it's a Windows thing that will not recognise the original drive once you install the clone.

  silver78 16:56 28 Jan 2016

Right, here's what I had to do. Neither of my PCs would recognise the drive. In both PCs Disk management it was 'offline.' I was able to format the windows partition but was unable to delete the 'System Reserved' partition which resulted in the drive still being 'offline' Fortunately my reserve PC still had a floppy drive and I found a floppy disk with disk management tools on. Booting from this I was able to format the drive and get rid of the reserved partition. I now have a drive I can fully utilise. There may be a better way of do it, but this worked for me.

  silver78 17:00 28 Jan 2016

rdave13. I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. I suspect it's all to do with the system reserved partition. Until you can get rid of it you're stuffed :)

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