cloning backup disc

  Muergo 20:38 25 May 2009

Now after a great deal of help from reading answers in this forum, I have my PC in perfect condition, bug free and up to speed.
I now want to clear out my external backup drive and put a fresh clean clone on it, will a one pass cleaner be enough or should I go for the multipass option?

  MAT ALAN 20:40 25 May 2009

Format the drive, that will be enough...

  Muergo 22:43 25 May 2009

Is formatting sufficient? I don't want any clutter left on it .

  lotvic 23:05 25 May 2009

When you clone part of the procedure formats the drive and you lose all previous data.

A clone is an exact working copy that replaces the original C:\ HDD.
You physically disconnect the cables of one HDD and put the other HDD in in its place.

I am not sure that cloning your C:\ to an external HDD will give you a working bootable new C:\ unless it is just a HDD in an enclosure and you intend taking it out of the enclosure and putting HDD inside pc.
You would be better just to store a full backup image file of C:\ on the external.

What program are you using to clone?

  lotvic 23:55 25 May 2009

Read your other thread. Good choice to make image file to external and not clone to it.
You will be able to update the image or make new full backup image.
It also means the rest of external drive will still be available for other files.

  Muergo 00:17 26 May 2009

O.K. lotvic, I understand now, I am already doing incremental backups daily, but wanted a new clean start, so will Format, then full backup and carry on with incremental , does that sound O.K.

  Technotiger 08:33 26 May 2009

I have not seen your other thread, but assuming you are using Acronis - I would advise you to discontinue making Incremental backups, and instead make Differential backups.

Unlike Incremental backup, when all your daily backups creates the next file in a 'chain' of backups, a Differential backup creates an independent file containing ALL changes since the initial full archive. A Differential backup will restore faster than an Incremental one, as it does not have to pass through a long 'chain' of previous backups.

Also if any one of the 'chain' of Incremental backups becomes corrupted, the whole chain is rendered useless.

However, my personal preference is to make complete Full Backups on a weekly basis, doing away with Incrementals and Differentials.

  lotvic 10:43 26 May 2009

"..make complete Full Backups on a weekly basis, doing away with Incrementals and Differentials."

That's sound advice from Technotiger and is also what I do. It only takes one corrupt Incremental or Differential to break the chain and you're stuffed.

I keep three (past weekly) full backups and overwrite the oldest with my new.
Always validate the backup as well.

  lotvic 10:47 26 May 2009

other thread (but not much on it - it's all on here really) click here

  gengiscant 10:53 26 May 2009


  David4637 18:23 29 May 2009

ONLY DO FULL BACKUPS USING ACRONIS, see reasons above. David

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