clone or image back up

  martd7 13:10 23 May 2015

I have never backed up my data so maybe its time I started,it would seem macrium reflect free is the preferred back up program amongst many on here

What is the difference in cloning and imaging?

  hastelloy 13:28 23 May 2015

A clone is an exact copy of the HDD (or partition) and takes up the same amount of space as the original. You can replace the original disc with the clone and it will work as the original did.

An image is similar but takes up considerably less disc space. The image has to be recovered using the software which created it before it can be used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 23 May 2015

I back up weekly by imaging both my system and data drive ti an external drive.

I keep - 1) an original image of my sytem from when its was new. 2) last week's image3) the week before image

I delete all other images after verifying the new one, this way at most I'm only going to lose two weeks data.

Important files are backed up immediately to a second external HDD and can be restore after the image is restored - theoretically I shouldn't therefore lose anything important at all.

Reasonable Antivirus and malware protection plus common sense helps to prevent problem however the back ups ensure against HDD failure

I have only had to restore once, that was when testing Norton

  martd7 21:08 23 May 2015

Thanks both,will probably go down the imaging route as it takes up less space

Ive had no problems in the 3 years of having this win 7 pc ,avg free,antimalwarebytes free (now premium)and these last few months cryptoprevent have kept the pc safe and as you say FB "common sense" but backing up all my stuff wont harm

ill keep the thread open in case anyelse wishes to contribute

  bumpkin 21:35 23 May 2015

There are different views on this, personally I prefer cloning and do it to an external drive then disconnect it. That way nothing can corrupt it and no need to use software to recover an image, with an exact copy of the drive if there is a problem of any sort you can just clone it back or if the original drive fails then replace it with the clone. Macrium is my choice as quick and easy to use. Just my opinion others prefer imaging but unless you have a massive drive then I see no reason to compress your data and have to use third party software to recover it. Imaging to me just complicates the issue but as I say that is just my opinion.

  bumpkin 21:50 23 May 2015

Another thought on this, if some sort of malware prevents you from using your image recovery software then what do you do. If a clone then you can swop the drive.

  rdave13 23:59 23 May 2015

bumpkin I'll go with *Fruit Bat /\0/* on this one. Fair enough to clone the drive once, swap, and mothball the original drive just in case.

Once cloned, imaging the new drive is perfection usually, takes less space, you can create a lot of images on to a drive (within reason), and also verify the image folder. Depending on software.

I have a sneaky suspicion, bumpkin , that you've never created an image nor restored from one.

  bumpkin 10:29 24 May 2015

I have a sneaky suspicion, bumpkin , that you've never created an image nor restored from one.

I don't know why you should think that, done it many times in the past when I was using Acronis.

  martd7 10:32 24 May 2015

Thanks rdave13 and bumpkin

  rdave13 10:49 24 May 2015

bumpkin, just wondered why you prefer cloning to imaging for back-up purposes. Compressing the data allows more back-ups and I have these on an external drive. Booting from the Paragon recovery disk and reinstating an image is easy enough and no need to physically swap the drives. I do clone the drive initially and mothball it. Drives are cheap enough to do this, so if I want to sell a laptop I just insert the original drive which will have no personal data on it. Still, each to their own.

mart7 , I agree with bumpkin that the free version of Macrium Reflect works great for cloning. I haven't used it for imaging, though.

  bumpkin 11:02 24 May 2015

"and no need to physically swap the drives."

There is no need to swop the drives just clone the back up drive back onto the PC. It is just my personal opinion and many here prefer imaging for the reasons you have given.

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