Clone or Backup ?

  freaky 14:09 17 Apr 2010

I have Acronis True Image Home 10.0 and a USB External HD. I want to ensure that in the event of the PC's HD failing I can re-install Windows XP to a replacement HD. Any suggestions regarding the best method would be appreciated?

  Technotiger 14:25 17 Apr 2010

Create a Full Backup, and in doing so, just follow all the Defaults, do not make a Password (just something else to go wrong/forget). It is really quite easy. I make full backups, as and when I have made any changes/additions to my hardware and/or software. Do not bother with Incrementials or Differentials, if any one of those gets corrupted in any way, then that whole process will be useless. Usually done fortnightly, keeping the last two backups on my External drive, and deleting the oldest one each time I add a new backup.

You will only need to make a Clone if/when you wish to upgrade your hard-drive to a larger capacity drive, this is what the Clone option is intended for.

  Technotiger 14:39 17 Apr 2010

BTW - I believe I am correct in saying, that Acronis 2010 does allow you to restore a Backup to a different hard-drive, .... earlier versions did not!

  johndrew 14:42 17 Apr 2010

I agree with Technotiger; a full backup is what you should be keeping.

However, if you want to keep a spare HDD to allow an immediate fit and operate then you will need to clone. I mention this because there are some who keep a spare drive - sometimes in the PC but not connected - to enable a `plug-n-play` type situation in the event of a drive failure. You still need to keep the drive updated and a backup would only overwrite the content so frequent cloning is necessary.

  David4637 18:57 17 Apr 2010

Can I ask - if you take an Acronis Backup of the whole drive, can not you load it on to a new hard drive for the same PC, and it should also work. A number of people have told me this option should work the same as a clone, please advise if this is so? Thanks David

  Technotiger 19:06 17 Apr 2010

Though I have not tried it, Yes - as far as I am aware, this is the case with Acronis 2010, but not with earlier versions.

  freaky 19:10 17 Apr 2010

Thanks for the replies.....I'm inclined to use the clone method rather than backup. The external USB HD has no purpose apart from a possible failure of the PC's HD. I appreciate that I will need to clone frequently.

I had a HD failure some years ago but I had cloned it when I suspected it was on it's way out.

Got a new HD and cloned to it, and everything worked OK.

  Im a diddy 19:19 17 Apr 2010

David4637,Ive restored a back up image successfully using ti 11 and the free seagate disc wizard offering when hds have failed.

  rdave13 19:27 17 Apr 2010

I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 10 to clone. It will also do incremental backups, has the Win PEE recovery cd iso and I use it to dual boot.
Good program and an alternative to Acronis.

  john bunyan 19:59 17 Apr 2010

I used the clone recently after a nasty virus. I have a second slave drive and I used ATI 2010 with no prob. I also do an image to an external HD but find the clone takes no longer and I do one weekly after a virus and malware scan and a defrag.

  mgmcc 20:41 17 Apr 2010

>>> BTW - I believe I am correct in saying, that
>>> Acronis 2010 does allow you to restore a Backup
>>> to a different hard-drive, .... earlier versions did not!

I have Acronis True Image Home 11 and used that about a month ago to restore a backup of my Laptop's 20GB hard drive to a new 160GB drive. I restored an image file from an external drive, I didn't clone the drive.

I also at one time restored an image of Vista to a second hard drive, so there isn't a problem restoring to a different drive. If there was, Acronis would be useless in the event of hard drive failure.

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