Clone my hard drive to new one?

  Ballie 20:15 22 Jun 2004

I want to change my current hard drive for a bigger one but I do not want to go through the long task of putting on win xp and all my other programs and updating the drivers for the latest ones and then copying over my files etc, so I was hoping that someone could tell me is it possible for me to buy a new hard drive and plug it into my IDE 2 connector, set it to slave and copy/clone my whole current hard drive to it (operating system included) then remove the drive and set it to master and plug it into IDE 1 and away I would go with the new drive?

If I need any software to do this please could you advise what and which one to buy.

Thank you if you can help

Simon Ball

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 22 Jun 2004

click here
Norton Ghost

  jimv7 20:56 22 Jun 2004
  christmascracker 21:00 22 Jun 2004
  ton 21:01 22 Jun 2004

You don't need to buy software to do this.

If you buy a Western Digital drive you will get software (Western Digital Lifeguard Tools) that will do this very easily in just the way that you described in your post.

If you should happen to buy an OEM drive without software, then you can download it from the Western Digital website.

There are two versions, Windows and Dos.

You can use the Windows version.

I believe Maxtor have similar software if you prefer their drives.

  Night Ryder 21:22 22 Jun 2004

The windows XP backup utility will do this for you. First connect your new drive to the secondary IDE interface then partition as a primary and format your new drive drive. Run the windows XP backup utility and create a backup of your whole system. This will create a (.bkf) file. Run the windows XP backup utility again but this time select restore. Choose your (.bkf) file as the one you wish to restore and select NOT to restore to original but restore to your new drive. Once all this is done, remove both drives and connect your new drive to the primary IDE interface. Nearly there. You will now have to use a dos system disk (Win98 will do) with the fdisk command present. Boot with this disk in the floppy drive and use the fdisk command to make the new drive an active partition. Now remove the floppy disk from the drive and that should do it. The system will reboot twice as it will recognise your new hard drive and that should be it. If you wish you can attach your old drive to the secondary interface and reformat this within windows for extra space.

  PSF 21:57 22 Jun 2004

I have used the Western Digital tool recently.
I used the Windows version and it is very straight forward, and does not take long to copy everything from one drive to the other. It guide you all the way through, from format to installation and jumper settings.

  SEASHANTY 14:59 23 Jun 2004

Another recent PCA thread on this one
click here
Seagate also have drive cloning software in addition to Maxtor and Western Digital.

  TomJerry 15:14 23 Jun 2004


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