clone laptop operating system to pc hard drive

  bretjones 21:00 27 Jun 2007

im running a laptop, with windows xp installed, and have a spare 2.5" with external caddy.

i also have a new pc just about to arrive, and so, to try and save myself 60 quid and some time, im wondering if i can get my OS from my laptop to my pc.

thanks guys!

  VoG II 21:37 27 Jun 2007

Even if you could, it would be illegal.

  bretjones 22:06 27 Jun 2007

oh yes i remember, its illegal because microsoft want me to buy a new copy of xp everytime i buy a new computer, because they, like, really need the money.

still does anyone know how to do this? it is purely for my interest and i would never actually do these illegal things...

  skidzy 22:15 27 Jun 2007


I think you may have ended this thread early now !!!

All that needs to be said now,is to echo VoG™'s post

" Even if you could, it would be illegal ".

  VoG II 22:21 27 Jun 2007

Yes it can be done - in much the same way that you would pull into a petrol station, refuel and drive off without paying. That is stealing as is porting Windows to another machine.

You are on the wrong forum.

  bretjones 07:19 28 Jun 2007

is it that different from copying cd's though? im pretty sure that there are plenty of people who do this on this forum.
would i get the same response if i asked how to copy a cd?
i know that the laws are all a bit shady around this sort of stuff, at least to me they are.

  wee eddie 08:09 28 Jun 2007

I'm prepared to be shot down in flames here because I am only reading between the lines.

When you Clone a drive you have an exact copy of that drive.

When you reinstall that Clone and boot it is running the drivers that it was running when you cloned it. Which is fine if you are reinstalling it on the same System.

However if you are trying to install it on a different System, all the drivers will be for the wrong bits of kit. The possible result would be chaotic. I would guess that the cognoscenti could negotiate themselves out of such a situation but most of us would have problems.

  bretjones 21:22 28 Jun 2007

ok thanks for that wee eddie. i have been trying to clone my hard drive to another (larger capacity) hard drive. and its not really working, so i guess that must be why. i have decided to bugger it and get a new OS altogether. im torn between vista premium and xp home. what do you guys reckon? (will be used for moderate gaming)

  bretjones 00:18 29 Jun 2007

just ordered xp home, so never mind.
thanks guys.

  pajcat 19:42 25 Sep 2010

I don’t class it as an infringement of copy right, if you buy a music CD and play it on your HI-Fi does that mean you can’t play it in your car.

It’s the software you buy for your own personal use, the same as a movie, if you play that on your DVD player, does it mean you can’t play the same movie on your PS3.

This Microsoft rule is just their way of saying one set of software to one computer and it’s about time that someone stood up to Microsoft, so long as it’s for personal use and not for copy / distribution I can not for the life of me see, why someone with a laptop (lets say for work) and a home PC cannot run the same software on both machines.

Look at this same situation a person buys a computer no software or builds their own bare bones PC, buys all software separately, the computer goes up in smoke from a lightening strike. They make a claim on their home insurance, their asked did you purchase the computer with preinstalled software (answer no) reply, then the computer is covered but not the software.

They get their computer replaced but no software, so do you install the software you have already purchased or buy all new software from Microsoft.

  peter99co 21:44 25 Sep 2010

The OS will only operate on one machine because it is aware of that machines configuration. If you change the configuration to much it will reject it.

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