To Clone a harddrive in Win98?

  [DELETED] 19:16 16 Apr 2006

Can anyone recommend some software for cloning my c: drive in Windows 98, please?

My harddrive is on its way out (occasionally fails to boot) and I cannot find my MS Windows 98SE registration key - the one given in Control Panel -> System, System Properties doesn't work! Is it hidden in the registruy somewhere?

I've got an old HP Pavillion PC with a recovery CD which asks for the registration code during installation... I've moved four times since I last used it!

Therefore, I'm looking to effectively clone the hard-disk to a new one and the new drive be bootable - any help would be most appreciated. The cheaper the software, the better, as I intend to replace my PC in a couple of months.



  [DELETED] 19:21 16 Apr 2006

Try click here for the product key.

  Devil Fish 19:23 16 Apr 2006

you would need a third party program such as True Image Or Ghost

Ghost click here

True Image click here|545230217&gclid=CM-pwuuFsoQCFTxoMAodRW3YCg

the above cost

or if you know what your hard drive is check manufacturers website they may have some utility you can use

  [DELETED] 20:17 16 Apr 2006

The product key finder worked - I now have a rather small but bootable drive that I can plug in.

I shall also be exploring the software recommendations further...

Many thanks


  woodchip 20:30 16 Apr 2006

Before you do. Try this download the tenth file from
click here

Put a floppy in the drive and double click the download to create a boot disc. Start with the Disc and at A:\> type

A:\>FDISK /MBR press enter.

Then see if the computer boots OK. If it does Double click My Computer right click C:\Properties\Tools\Scandisk do a full scan and auto correct errors. Then put a Win98se CD in comp and rerun setup over it's self. This Will reload damaged files by loading them to a good part of the disc

  [DELETED] 20:31 16 Apr 2006

A free ghost programme is xxclone. See here click here for previous thread.

  [DELETED] 22:12 16 Apr 2006

Hi, I'm still running XXCLONE with Win 98SE every two weeks and wouldn't be without it.
It clones everything -- system files, registry, programs,data files and can be cloned back to the original drive if the system goes belly up.
PS. It's also FREE.

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