Clone a DVD

  johnincrete 07:29 06 Nov 2013

I have a DVD that contains software for our interactive whiteboard. With much use, there are several scratches and so I want to copy the DVD before it wears out and we have to buy another. I have tried CloneDVD in trial version but I get the message that what is in the DVD drive is of unsuitable format. Looking at the disc in Explorer shows several files including the .exe. In use, it autoloads. Can anyone suggest other software that I can use to clone the DVD.

  BT 07:56 06 Nov 2013

DVD Flick is what I use


  BRYNIT 08:44 06 Nov 2013

You are trying to burn a copy of data/program files, CloneDVD I believe is only for video/vob files. You could download the free trial of Nero.

If you have Win7 don't know about Win8 and the DVD does not have any encrypted file to prevent copying you should be able to select all files on the DVD and copy them into a folder on your hard drive. Once you have done this select all files in the folder, right click and select send to DVD, it will ask you to put a DVD in the drive.

  rdave13 14:27 06 Nov 2013

As it's software, and if not protected, make a simple copy with your burner. Also if your burner can create iso. files then create one on your PC as backup.

  lotvic 14:54 06 Nov 2013

You could use the free program Imgburn and the option 'create image file from disc' to save an .iso file of the original CD on your harddrive. Then using Imgburn (or any other prog that can handle .iso image files) you can burn the .iso file to CD to make a new CD whenever you want.

  lotvic 14:58 06 Nov 2013

edit: I meant to put DVD where I've gone and typed CD..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 07 Nov 2013

If its just data you can copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the PC

Then use any burning software to burn the contents of that folder to another CD anytime you like.

Its the autorun.inf file that tells the CD to run on start and most windows systems disable that feature to stop viruses from autorunning when a disk or USB stick is inserted.

  johnincrete 14:32 07 Nov 2013

Thanks for all the suggestions. I used imgburn and it was dead easy!

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