clone a drive and re-clone

  [DELETED] 20:21 18 Oct 2003

I currently run 2 pc's on a home network both running win me, I want to be able to "clone" one of the pc's h/d onto a spare drive in the other pc, then replace the hard drive in the origanal pc and clone it back!, (does that make sense)? the reason for this is the h/d is failing on one pc and I want to upgrade the whole machine with new motherboard/memory & hard drive and then put eveything back onto the new h/d as it was .

What software and if it can be done how??

  [DELETED] 20:59 18 Oct 2003

use a program called drive copy.
it copies the entire contents of one drive onto another .
you wont need two machines to do this, it is all done on one pc.
instructions are on the disc and it is very easy to follow.
you set the new drive as master and your old drive as slave and using a floppy disc made from the cd, copy all files onto the new disk.then take the old disk out and youre as you were before but with a new hard disk.
Drive copy is readily available from most PC shops or online stores

  [DELETED] 21:23 18 Oct 2003

this tells you about it

click here

  [DELETED] 21:34 18 Oct 2003

thanks for the link, for various reasons I cannot set up a slave drive on the pc, this is why I need to copy to a differant drive on a network, will this software do this?

  [DELETED] 21:36 18 Oct 2003

Similar program had no problems with it. click here

  [DELETED] 21:39 18 Oct 2003

After reading your post again...If you are changing the mainboard you need to reinstall windows as many base drivers will be different, you can try it but there will be problems, new mainboard does mean reinstall. If your just changing your hard drive the above programs work fine.

  [DELETED] 00:43 19 Oct 2003

drive copy wont work over a network i dont think and if as you say you cant set up a drive as slave then I cant give an answer.
As for the motherboard... I would change the motherboard first and as long as you have the drivers for it , it should ask for them on first boot up and hopefully everything will work. I've changed motherboards a few times and had no problem but once did have and had to do a complete reinstall to get everything to work ok.
Unless you set the old drive as a slave in another computer you wont be able to transfer all the system files coz some will be in use and windows wont allow it to continue .. youre going to have some fun with this one. good luck

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