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  JoanSims 11:31 14 Sep 2007

Hello,, Is there a means by which I can clean up and get rid of all the old files and bits of files (and recognise dangerous stuff too) which seem to inhabit 'my computer' folders ... e.g. my system32 folder is full of stuff I don't recognise with file extensions like .dll and even less common ones than that.Some have a carrot! logo against them.What's that all about?. I'm sure there must be a way of getting rid of unnecessary files like these.Any ideas please??

  holme 11:55 14 Sep 2007

Provided you take all the usual and sensible precautions against viral attacks, spyware and malware generally, I would tend to recommend leaving everything else well alone, especially if you don't know what it is and why it's there.

Goodness only knows how many different files go to make up Windows (any variant). 'Legal' .dll files are extremely common, 'carrots' less so but still part of Windows or application software. You call them "unnecesary" files; I would ask, how can you know that? ;-)

  ambra4 12:12 14 Sep 2007

DO NOT REMOVE .dll IN SYSTEM32 unless you know what you are doing.

.dll files is used to run windows and all programs on your Computer

If you remove the wrong ones windows and programs will start to ask for then when starting machine or programs or you computer can freeze up or program will not start

Now do you know that the dll is "unnecesary files"

  Clapton is God 12:14 14 Sep 2007

Use this click here you can safely and confidently remove all that it finds

  JoanSims 12:45 14 Sep 2007

Scary stuff eh?

  Clapton is God 13:26 14 Sep 2007

"Scary stuff eh?"

What is?

  JoanSims 15:40 14 Sep 2007

My thanks to Clapton is God for the link to CCleaner.. I ran it, deleted everything it found and used its Uninstaller to get rid of some programs I could'nt get shot of before.Worked a treat... I will leave this question open for a few more days in case there are any more ideas.. It took CCleaner nearly 5mins to analyse what I could get rid of,so there must have been a load of rubbish on there.The Help page said that it should only take a few seconds.. Regards

  holme 18:12 14 Sep 2007

For info, if you have never previously deleted any of your browser history files (say for some weeks), and if you do a fair amount of general surfing, the history files can become enormous and will indeed take CCleaner many minutes to analyse and, subsequently, to run though the cleaner. These rowser files can easily comprise 95% of what is deemed to be deleteable.

They are /not/ the .dll and 'carrot' files etc etc to which you previously referred.

That is not to criticise CCleaner in any way, it's a splendid piece of kit - espcially at that price... We use it typically once daily but, if you were to leave it for, say, another month or so, the history files will again build up in size and, again, take a long time to analyse.

  birdface 10:53 15 Sep 2007

Another good program is Winaso Optimizer trial edition,This only cleans 10 objects at a time but you can run it as often as you like.it also has a registry defrag on it that works very quick.Well worth having on your computer.

  birdface 10:54 15 Sep 2007

Oops sorry forgot to send it.click here

  woodchip 17:15 15 Sep 2007

You cannot just start deleting file, just coss you think it rubbish clogging your drive. .dll files are Dynamic Link Library Files. and should not be removed unless you know what you are doing. You should use cleaner Programs like Cleanup or Ccleaner. I use Cleanup in default settings

click here

click here

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