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  mattbell1975 22:41 02 Jan 2003
  mattbell1975 22:41 02 Jan 2003

whats the top speed to overclock a duron 1000? tried it at 1200 and my system brashed ny ideas?

  shermenator 22:55 02 Jan 2003

its different for every processor. try going up in steps. booting to windows and performing a pcmark test to strain the cpu. if the benchmark runs to the end and doesnt crash then restart and clock up a higher notch. repeat until the system crashes in the pcmark and then clock down a notch.

  Andÿ 23:04 02 Jan 2003

"whats the top speed to overclock a duron 1000?"

I'd say 1000!

AMD CPU's don't take kindly to overheating. They don't wind down they burn out.

A new CPU of or above the speed you want may be cheaper than a new CPU, Mobo and ram etc if it goes pop..................

Don't you think AMD and Intel make them run as fast as they safely dare when they release them :o)

  DieSse 23:06 02 Jan 2003

To be honest, it's going to be so little above nominal, it'll be hardly worth the risk, except as an academic exercise.

  mattbell1975 23:08 02 Jan 2003


is it usual for the system to crash some time after overclocking??? i clocked mine to 1200 and it crashed over an hour after and lost or corrupted some windows files is this usual?

  shermenator 23:12 02 Jan 2003

it happened to me when i oc'd my athlon. it happened during processor intensive tasks like defrag and pcmark. thats when i downclocked it to be stable. but dont push a amd cos it'll just blow up in your face.

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